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By pennyroof, May 30 2017 03:25AM

A Gerard Roof is excellent compared to other steel products. The low noise impact is the result of textured, stone granules and smaller steel sheets pressed into tiles, which minimizes the sound transmission through to the house.

Longrun steel roofs allow sound to travel in waves along the full length of the sheets meaning that noise transmission into the home can be quite high. Gerard Roofs pressed steel tiles are short lengths of metal fitted together so sound is unable to travel and any rain impact noise dulls quickly.

By pennyroof, Feb 24 2017 02:48AM

Alpine tile roof, Millwater
Alpine tile roof, Millwater
Charcoal Alpine Tile, Millwater
Charcoal Alpine Tile, Millwater

A stunning new profile has been released onto the NZ market and the first roofs have been installed. This beautiful, sleek new look is on display on a roof in Millwater and we think its a winner!

The new ALPINE tile is available in a textured finish and is viewed above in a Charcoal colour, but it has a range of colours available.

This is a smart alternative to asphalt shingles or heavyweight slate roofing and with its attractive low profile it lends an almost flat look to your roof while still providing a long warranty and the trustworthy weathertightness of a Gerard Roof.

This one's a beauty!

Contact us for more information on the Alpine tile or for a drive by address to view this roof.

By pennyroof, May 30 2016 04:41AM

You need to ensure that your roof is ready and weather tight for the coming winter and now is the time to do it.

If you are in need of reroofing get in touch as soon as possible so we are able to get your job into our schedule and ensure your home is weathertight before the wet season arrives.

We can replace your longrun roof , your metal tile/ decramastic roof or even your concrete roof with a brand new fully warranted Gerard Roof.

Contact us now for a free inspection and a quote to take care of your roofs needs.

Even the birds will be cosy under a Gerard Roof with this Gerard mini tile roof....

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